The Ladies 6 week Challenge

The countdown Now begins to our January 2019 intake for our most popular Ladies Only Programme.


This is our most popular Ladies only group training programme for a maximum 10 people per group. No more boring gym workouts!

This is a fun, structured personal training programme specifically for women fed up with feeling lost and overwhelmed with big busy gyms!

It is specifically for women who don’t just want to get in shape, but get strong too. Find your Super Power! with this fabulous programme, and work with like minded ladies.

This fantastic starter package will provide you a training programme designed not just just get you leaner but feeling fabulous too!

  • Training up to 3x per week from any of  the sessions that on our growing timetable.
  • Learn to eat right for your lifestyle without cutting out important food groups.
  • Full education and support and daily coaching and accountability throughout!

Welcome Meeting and Inductions will take Place on - Saturday 5th January 11.30

Guaranteed Results in JUST 42 Days or your money back!

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This is what some of our satisfied Fit Hut Hotties have to say about our Ladies Challenge Programme!

Be Confident you have chosen the right training programme for you...

Our 42-day trial is your chance to experience our unique approach to Ladies fitness and membership. You’ll get to know the people, the place and way things work before you make a longer commitment.

Everybody starts their Fit-Hut Challenge journey this way. For us, it’s an opportunity to learn about you, your body and your fitness goals. And, hopefully, it’s the foundation for greater things.

This is NOT just a random exercise class. These sessions are programmed each week to ensure every one involved,  progresses at a good pace and are trained with good technique with the ONE MAIN FOCUS - To enjoy becoming a fitter, stronger and more confident version of you.

All ages and fitness levels are catered for. And each exercise will be programmed according to your Fitness level and ability.

Each special lady that becomes a part of the Fit-Hut Hottie Challenge Family, will be given daily support, a gym buddy and access to our growing database of helpful Videos, Recipes, Nutrition advice and exercises to ensure you are motivated every step of your journey.

The key question is..... ARE YOU READY, to join me and my awesome ladies?





Register for your Introductory 6 week Trial with us for just £249 today!

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

  • When Do The Sessions Take Place?
  • Every Mon, Wed & Friday - 1pm
  • Every Mon 7.30pm, Tues 6.30pm, Wed 7.45pm, Thursday 6.30pm & Saturdays 10.15 & 11.30am
  • Where Do They Take Place? The Fit-Hut Unit 18a Binghams Park Farm, Pottenend Hill HP1

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