Have you got what it takes to be a part of the BEST Ladies Fitness Programmes in Herts?   

Fed up with the stop/start stop/start yoyo?

Confused about all the conflicting advice about Carbs and Fats?

Want to lose weight and keep it off?

Want to workout with an awesome supportive and friendly bunch of ladies?

Do you have 2-3 hours a week that you can put aside for yourself?

My current ladies refuse to leave, as they just LOVE this programme and enjoy each others company so much! And I certainly don't want them to leave either!. So instead I have to keep opening up more session times!

Come And Be A Part Of An Amazing Ladies Fitness Programme And Never Look Back, except to check your new self out in the mirror!


A short period of extreme focus, dedication, discipline and ultimately rewards! It’s called a ‘Challenge’ because we all have different needs and goals in life. You’re not in a race against others, you’ll be embarking on a Challenge of breaking into new territory to create the best version of ‘YOURSELF’.

The Ladies 6 Week Challenge

This is our most popular Ladies only group training programme for a maximum 9 people per group. It is specifically for women who don’t just want to get in shape, but get strong too.


This fantastic programme will provide you with progressive strength training, bespoke nutrition support and daily accountability to ensure that you make amazing progress every single week.
What you get:
  • 6 weeks worth of training (up to 24 sessions total)
  • Nutrition Plan by a MacNutrition Certified Coach!
  • Daily Coaching!
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Guaranteed Fat-loss if you follow the plan
  • Monthly Competition Prizes to be Won
  • Easy Online Booking
  • Access to our VIP support forum
  • Plus Loads of FREE goodies along the way

Daytimes: Monday, Wed, Friday 1pm & Saturday's 10.15am

Evenings: Mon 6.30 & 7.30pm: Tues 6.30pm: Wed 7.45pm: Thursdays 6.30pm

All you pay now is just a £50 deposit to confirm your place. If you decide for any reason its not for you after the first 7 days you pay nothing more.

However, if you love it, which we know you will all this for just £199.00 !


How to become part of the Fit-Hut Ladies Challenge Programme

 Just simply Hit the button below and let us know a little bit about you so we can get to started.
This is NOT just a random exercise class. These sessions are programmed each week to ensure every lady involved,  progresses at a good pace and are trained with good technique with the ONE MAIN FOCUS - To enjoy becoming a fitter, stronger and more confident version of you.
All ages and fitness levels are catered for. And each exercise will be programmed according to your Fitness level and ability.
Each special lady that is selected as part of the  Fit-Hut Ladies  Challenge, will be given daily support, a gym buddy and access to our growing database of helpful Videos, Recipes, Nutrition advice and exercises to ensure you are motivated every step of your journey.
The key question is.....
Step 1: Click the Claim Your Place Button so we can arrange to meet you
Step 2: Pay just a £50 deposit to try out our trial week
Or have any further questions at all email us direct on info@regardsoe-fitness.co.uk


Below are some of the Amazing Fit-Hut Hottie Challengers from 2017!

And You could be Joining them celebrating your NEW Body!

It's not often you see real genuine smiles in fitness photo's.

But on The Ladies 6 week Challenge, you CAN and WILL!

The Ladies Introductory 6 week Challenge Package deals with breaking unhealthy habits, busting dieting myths, and introduces new small sustainable changes. Changes that make BIG differences to your Body Shape, Confidence and Fitness Levels!

Katrina Simmonds Goodman

I love being part of the Fit Hut group! I joined a few years ago and haven't looked back. The sessions are challenging, but doing it with a great coach and great group of ladies makes all the difference. I have a totally different mindset to exercise and nutrition since signing up with Jo, and am all the better for it!

Katrina Simmonds Goodman
Carolyn Hatch

Great variety of workouts using different combinations of weights, equipment and exercises. Small group sizes so individual feedback can be given to improve technique and push you to try harder! Very friendly group of ladies who have become good workout buddies who inspire, encourage and push each to keep going when the going gets tough! All of us ladies supported by their brilliant and enthusiastic coach who ensures we keep on track in both our nutrition and weekly exercising. Been here 2 years, here's to many more!

Carolyn Hatch
Lorna Johnson

If you want to get fit, learn how to make great lifestyle choices, and make lots of friends! This is the perfect place for you. No age limit and no fitness level required. I am in my late forties and never felt fitter in my life. I have been with Jo for 5 years and I couldn't now live without the Fithut and our brilliant trainer Jo, she has seen me though some tough times, her support alone is priceless. She always goes above and beyond (and no she hasn't paid me!).


Lorna Johnson
  • New sessions Opening all the time
  • Where Do They Take Place? The Fit-Hut Unit 18a Binghams Park Farm, Pottenend Hill HP1 3BA