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Pilates Coach Jo Regardsoe Performing Single Leg Stretch

Pilates is a great way to exercise the whole body inside and out. Each Pilates exercise can be adapted and modified to suit any fitness level, ability, age and gender.

At The Fit-Hut I pride myself in adding a variety of Pilates class styles and variations to my timetable from traditional slow tempo style, to a more modern approach which is slightly faster paced, Fitness Pilates.

All classes are predominantly Mixed levels and are aimed at both Ladies and Gents who have no current pre-existing injuries and who want to correct Posture, develop  Core Strength, improve Flexibility, and create a Leaner more shapely physique. And prevent Injury!

With over 10 years of experience under my belt, both teaching and practice, I just love how versatile and enjoyable Pilates can be for absolutely anyone. It can be performed alone,  plus used as a great addition to any fitness goal or exercise programme.

Most importantly, I am so humbled by the people it has allowed me to meet, help and achieve fantastic results with!

I really hope you choose to join our Friendly, growing Fit-Hut Pilates Family!

Coach JoJo x


Monday's 9.30am - Fitness Pilates - Mixed Levels

Tuesday's 11am - Pilates - Beginners

Wednesday 6.30pm - Fitness Pilates - Int/Adv

New & Coming Soon from August 2017 - Thursday's 1pm 

Saturdays 9am - FREESTYLE PILATES - Mixed levels


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“Hi Jo, Just read your news letter and was very touched that you gave me a mention, is was really nice thank you. I would really like to thank you for introducing me to Fitness Pilates, an exercise that I love. It has taken me nearly 42 yrs, but thanks to you I now know I can look forward to and enjoy exercise, never thought that would happen!”

- Sarah

“I have really enjoyed the Fitness Pilates classes this term. I have been to a few Pilates and yoga classes in the past but, for me, yours is definitely the best!

It is just the right level - challenging but fun and although everybody works hard they don't take it too seriously.

Thanks again!”

- Penny

Fitness Pilates

To Create Long, Lean and Firm Muscles And A Killer Core
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Why should I do Fitness Pilates? +

Pilates will strengthen and rebalance tight and weak muscles thus preventing future injury.

Should I do Fitness Pilates if I have a bad back? +

After checking with your GP or Physio first. Pilates will stretch and lengthen tight muscles around the spine.

Will Pilates give me a flat stomach? +

It can help but only if you combine Pilates with a low fat diet and aerobic exercise.

Can anyone attend Pilates? +

Yes everyone of any age or fitness level can join Pilates.

I have recently had a baby Is Pilates suitable for me? +

Absolutely, Pilates is perfect to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Pilates is also excellent for anyone recovering from a Hysterectomy operation.