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Pilates Coach Jo Regardsoe Performing Single Leg Stretch

Pilates is a great way to exercise the whole body inside and out. Each Pilates exercise can be adapted and modified to suit any fitness level, ability, age and gender.

Choose to join one of our growing classes or train with one of our coaches 1-1!

At The Fit-Hut I pride myself in adding a variety of Pilates teaching styles and variations to our timetable, from traditional slow tempo style, to a more modern approach which is slightly faster paced, Fitness Pilates.

All classes are predominantly Mixed levels and are aimed at both Ladies and Gents who have no current pre-existing injuries and who want to correct Posture, develop  Core Strength, improve Flexibility, and create a Leaner more shapely physique. And prevent Injury!

With over 10 years of experience under my belt, both teaching and practice, I just love how versatile and enjoyable Pilates can be for absolutely anyone. It can be performed alone,  plus used as a great addition to any fitness goal or exercise programme.

Most importantly, I am so humbled by the people it has allowed me to meet, help and achieve fantastic results with!

I really hope you choose to join our Friendly, growing Fit-Hut Pilates Family!

Coach JoJo x


Monday's 9.30am - Fitness Pilates - Mixed Levels

Tuesday's 11am - Pilates - Beginners

Wednesday's 12.15 - Urban Pilates

Wednesday 6.30pm - Fitness Pilates - Int/Adv

Thursday's 1pm - Pilates Mixed Levels

Friday's 12.15 - Urban Pilates

Saturdays 9am - FREESTYLE PILATES - Mixed levels


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“Hi Jo, Just read your news letter and was very touched that you gave me a mention, is was really nice thank you. I would really like to thank you for introducing me to Fitness Pilates, an exercise that I love. It has taken me nearly 42 yrs, but thanks to you I now know I can look forward to and enjoy exercise, never thought that would happen!”

- Sarah

“I have really enjoyed the Fitness Pilates classes this term. I have been to a few Pilates and yoga classes in the past but, for me, yours is definitely the best!

It is just the right level - challenging but fun and although everybody works hard they don't take it too seriously.

Thanks again!”

- Penny

Fitness Pilates

To Create Long, Lean and Firm Muscles And A Killer Core

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Why should I do Fitness Pilates? +

Pilates will strengthen and rebalance tight and weak muscles thus preventing future injury.

Should I do Fitness Pilates if I have a bad back? +

After checking with your GP or Physio first. Pilates will stretch and lengthen tight muscles around the spine.

Will Pilates give me a flat stomach? +

It can help but only if you combine Pilates with a low fat diet and aerobic exercise.

Can anyone attend Pilates? +

Yes everyone of any age or fitness level can join Pilates.

I have recently had a baby Is Pilates suitable for me? +

Absolutely, Pilates is perfect to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Pilates is also excellent for anyone recovering from a Hysterectomy operation.