The Fit-Hut Introduces A Brand New Pilates Small Group Training Programme: The Urban Body Sculpt Programme - with                  Kelly Du-Buisson!

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Every Friday 11.45am , Kelly will train and teach you the New Urban Pilates technique.

Using  the Urban strength bar and parallettes you will build strength, connect with your core like never before and change your body shape like no other Pilates exercise programme.

To find out more View the video below and see Kelly in action...

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The Urban Body Sculpt Pilates Programme is a unique training protocol using a combination of mat work Pilates, Urban strength bar and parallettes to build strength in all three planes of motion to create a full body movement.

Using traditional Pilates exercises, we'll work the body in every direction to improve posture, align the joints and wake up the deeper intrinsic muscles for stability to enable you to create a tight, toned and a more sculpted body!

You'll throw shapes you never knew your body was capable of!

Because this is a totally New Training technique we want you to come along for a Trial session, just £5 to try and see what your mind and body is capable of achieving!

Sessions will be taught in a small group environment of no more than 5 people per session.

These choreographed routines will strengthen and tone your entire core; your upper, mid and lower back, your waist, tummy, bottom and pelvis making you stronger and slimmer and feeling like a brand new you!

reserve your spot

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Sessions will currently run Every Friday 11.45 exclusively at The Fit-Hut, Unit 18A, Binghams Park Farm, Pottenend Hill HP1 3BA

Meet The Fit-Hut's Newest Instructor Kelly Du-Buisson & Claim your First Semi Private Urban Body Sculpt session for just £5!! >>>